Beyond the monkey mind with Osho Zen Tarot.

May 21, 2013 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, Watercolor by admin

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Zen drawing is more than a drawing method to me. It’s one of the ways by which I force myself to become aware of the moment and accept what is happening. Zen drawing is one of my favorite methods, but not the only one. Physical exercises (like belly-dancing in my case) can be powerful methods to clear the mind as well.

My ‘path’ could also be called ‘the path of coincidence’. I use everything that comes into my life by accident and feels right. That’s why I use different methods from different origins and background. In the end, it all fits very well together.

One of these accidental discoveries that has a great impact on me is Osho’s Zen Tarot. I didn’t know much about Osho, except negative opinions of friends and family. At the moment I don’t have any opinion about Osho, except for the fact that he has said and done some very extraordinary things. I love the way he stimulates people to be self confident, happy, playful, interdependent and powerful. His beautiful illustrated Zen cards are a great help in achieving that. The cards tell you what is happening at an unconscious level and mirror the tricks of your monkey mind. I had some suspicion (my monkey mind) in the beginning, but in the meantime I could write a book about all miraculous things that happenend and the effects of the cards. I dare to say now: the cards are always right.



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If you would like to try the tarot yourself, take a look at this website and you pick you card there.

This article with his vision on creating and art is also very interesting to read.

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