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May 7, 2017 in Blog bericht, Book posts by Michelle Dujardin

Together with co-writer Willem Radder I have founded the Buddhas at Home publishing company in 2014. This month week we also launched a bookstore on Etsy which opened it’s doors last week. Here you not only find our hardcovers books, but also our PDF ebooks.

The good news is that Etsy doesn’t require you to have an account on Etsy anymore to place an order. In case you wish to order my artwork from one of my other shops, please let me know and I will refund you for combined shipping. My Dutch book about Zen drawing has appeared as a hardcover in the meantime. At this moment I am seriously considering translating and publishing the book in English too. I would love love love to hear your opinion about this possible translation and if you would be interested in reading this book. The book contains background information on: Frederick Franck, Betty Edwards (left right brain), Jill Bolte Taylor, Buddhism, energy and creativity, children’s development in drawing, healing effects of Zen drawing ( for people with stroke, anxienty, stress etc) and a short explanation of Zen drawing and watercoloring. Feel free to let me know your thoughts by emailing me directly on :info@michelledujardin.nl

Here is our lovely store:

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