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Women in Art 278 magazine

November 3, 2013 in Blog bericht, NEWS, Watercolor by admin

Aquarel huilende wolf

This month (November 2013) my painting was included in the ‘Women in Art 278″ online magazine.

Click here to read the magazine.



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September 13, 2013 in Blog bericht, Buddhism by admin

bloem paarse bol

Just a while ago, I read Ineke van Lint’s article ‘Why do we hurt most those we love and how to stop this?’

Ineke answers this question on the level of energy and explains how we are used to taking energy from others. You can read the article here and you will probably recognize something.

The reason I would like to share her article here, is because of the solution she offers to this problem. Instead of taking our energy from others, we should connect with the universal energysource. She writes:

“How to do that? By connecting to the energy that is always available. That is the energy of the Universe. The easiest way to connect to this energy is contemplate the beauty of a flower. You also can contemplate the beauty of an object or a person.”

It shows again the importance of (zen) seeing and drawing and how this is a perfect way to connect with this universal energy source! Here advice sits very well with the September drawing challenge to draw a face every day.

On Ineke van Lint’s website you will find lots of interesting articles and books she wrote about various subjects.

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Drawing faces: September Challenge!

August 26, 2013 in Blog bericht, challenge, pencil drawing by admin


A new drawing challenge is on it’s way! The whole month of September we will be drawing for at least 15 minutes a day.
This will improve your seeing- and drawingskills and quiet your mind. There will be many more advantages, but you will only find out by participating!

This time our objective is to draw the human face. Will you be able to draw faces without judging/ projections of your mind?
Do you have the courage to watch other people closely ? How will you feel when you are drawing people like this? How do you feel when you are asked to make a drawing of yourself?

These are just some of questions you might ask yourself during the challenge.

Feel free to join this challenge on facebook.

drawing faces

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Zen drawing and watercolor painting in the Provence!

August 12, 2013 in Blog bericht, Watercolor by admin

zen alpilles bewerkt klein

Provence France


It is quite a cliche to be inspired by the South of France. Many famous artists have been there before me. But does it matter? In the Zen tradition, distinguishing yourself from others is not so important. Trying to perfect your practice is. So that is what I did the last weeks on holiday. I followed the footsteps of artists like van Gogh by drawing and painting the same landscape over and over again until I had the feeling that I caught it’s essence on paper.

lamanin schets

Zen drawings are the perfect base for a watercolor painting. The idea is not to fill in your drawing with paint, but to use your drawing as an example. Your drawing already contains the most important information. It reflects the essence of what you have seen. Later, for example at home, you have the drawing and your memories to translate it into a colorful watercolor painting.


lamanon grottes de cales klein

Drawing or painting in nature with watercolor is also lots of fun. You have to bring more materials and water. Just like zen drawing, the idea is to catch the essence on paper. Do not loose yourself in details too much. You have to draw fast too. When I did the painting below, it was at sunset. Because of the changing light, the scenery changed by the minute. Meanwhile I got attacked by a swarm of mosquito’s. I did my best to stay focused. The painting below and itchy arms and legs where the result…

alpilles berg

The first 5 watercolor paintings are on Etsy.  Some more a re still to come!


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Custom Order of A Peony Rose Watercolor Painting

July 3, 2013 in Blog bericht, Watercolor by admin

Peony Rose Watercolor klein


This is the result of Custom order.  I also painted another rose:

pioenroos 2You can find the original painting here in my Etsyshop.

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Drawing of the Sacre Coeur in Paris

June 24, 2013 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

drawing paris

In December 2011 I visited Paris. A friend took a temporary job and rented an apartment. I was invited and went just before Christmas. I was planning to draw while she was at work. Those drawing I would use as illustrations for the book about Zen drawing I was working on at that time.

The evening before I left, my grandmother died. The next morning, in the train to Paris I felt sad and relieved and I knew that Paris was going to be a special experience. I found myself wandering through Paris in the winter sun. It was warm for the time of the year, making it excellent drawing weather. One of my wishes was to draw the Sacre Coeur, and now my grandmother had passed, I decided to light a candle for her there.

When I arrived at the bottom of the stairs of the Sacre Coeur, the sun decided to come out from behind the clouds and I sat down on a small bench that had a wonderful view of the Sacre Coeur. While drawing, I knew I should not think about the drawing result and just enjoy the drawing process. While I was drawing, a security guard fom the Sacre Coeur showed me his own drawings on his mobile phone anda group of Japanese tourist noticed me as well. It felt funny drawing ‘Zen’ with them looking at me. Despite all this small interruptions, the drawing went extremely well. Maybe because I enjoyed it so much; the drawing and the encounters. The result felt like a little miracle to me.

sacre coeur drawing tekeningAfter I finished the drawing, I went upstairs and lit the candle for my grandmother. It was a morning I will never forget.

The drawing did eventually became an illustration in my book, and I decided to dedicate the book to my grandmother.

If you love the drawing as much as I do, you can order a Art Print  here!


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Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered by Quentin Blake and John Cassidy

May 30, 2013 in Blog bericht, Book posts, Inspiring artist by admin

tekenboeken blake dujardin

It was because of the resemblance with my own zen drawingbook  (white, square and one color accent), that I took Quentin Blake & John Cassidy’s ‘Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered (published by Klutz) from a bookshelf in a nearby store. I have been a fan of Quentin Blake’s work since the first time I saw it. No matter how scary, horrifying or awful the story was (mostly written by Roald Dahl): his illustrations always made me laugh. Learning how to draw by using a book from the master himself must be great fun!

I know now, that the book is great fun indeed. Reading it, I discovered that there are more similarities with my book than I thought. In essence it’s all the same, but the manner in which you draw is different. In this book you use your own imagination and capability to become what you want to draw. There are no rules, just as long as you have fun and catch ‘the essence’ of what you are drawing. The book is based on Gung-Ho, meaning something like enthusiasm and dedication.

The importance of seeing (the main subject of my book) is not mentioned a lot in this book, but finding a way to ‘catch’ the subjects essence is. Drawing spontaneously, letting go of criticism and using coincidence are all other similarities between this approach and zen drawing. Not such a surprise, since the basic assumptions all come from the eastern world. Quentins approach also matches with Sumi-e, but the results are very different: the humorous and absurd  exercises result in funny, sometimes hilarious Quentin-Blake-cartoon-style drawings.

Today I opened the book at a random page and followed the instruction (I have a Dutch book, so here’s my translation back in English): Draw brooms, mops, swabs etc 1) in an enourmous bucket 2) as condemned specimen:





The next exercise was: “draw pencils and pens in a glass, without looking at the subject (exactly the opposite of zen/seeing drawing) and ‘draw a robust plant’:


Finally I drew my own idea: A quick tempered, hairy monster:

harig monster quentin blake

Quite difficult, but fun to do! It resulted in some kind of caveman…

My conclusion: this books sits perfectly within the Zen tradition, just like mine. But I must say that seeing (visual awareness) remains the most important element in the ability to draw and it is not really explained how to do that.

For children and adults, this is a very nice book to learn how to draw. Google the title for images and you will find a lot of funny creations made by others!

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Beyond the monkey mind with Osho Zen Tarot.

May 21, 2013 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, Watercolor by admin

monkey portrait watercolorosho zen tarot

Zen drawing is more than a drawing method to me. It’s one of the ways by which I force myself to become aware of the moment and accept what is happening. Zen drawing is one of my favorite methods, but not the only one. Physical exercises (like belly-dancing in my case) can be powerful methods to clear the mind as well.

My ‘path’ could also be called ‘the path of coincidence’. I use everything that comes into my life by accident and feels right. That’s why I use different methods from different origins and background. In the end, it all fits very well together.

One of these accidental discoveries that has a great impact on me is Osho’s Zen Tarot. I didn’t know much about Osho, except negative opinions of friends and family. At the moment I don’t have any opinion about Osho, except for the fact that he has said and done some very extraordinary things. I love the way he stimulates people to be self confident, happy, playful, interdependent and powerful. His beautiful illustrated Zen cards are a great help in achieving that. The cards tell you what is happening at an unconscious level and mirror the tricks of your monkey mind. I had some suspicion (my monkey mind) in the beginning, but in the meantime I could write a book about all miraculous things that happenend and the effects of the cards. I dare to say now: the cards are always right.



osho zen tarot cards kaarten Osho zen tarot

If you would like to try the tarot yourself, take a look at this website and you pick you card there.

This article with his vision on creating and art is also very interesting to read.

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May Challenge has started!

May 19, 2013 in Blog bericht, challenge, pencil drawing by admin

cronesteyn park tekening 2

A new challenge has started! The purpose is to draw 30 minutes every day for two weeks, starting at May 17th.

Even though it has already begun, you can still join us and post your drawings on Facebook:

If you enjoy sharing your drawings and drawing experiences, you might like to join the zen drawing group as well:

I hope to see your drawings soon!



cronesteyn park tekening

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Drawing Sardinia Italy

May 14, 2013 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

Drawing SardiniaI just came back from Sardinia Italy. Of course I took my sketschbook with me. Although Sardinia had the most beautiful and bright colors, drawing with just a pencil can result in great drawings.  The rough coast and cork-oaks are so pretty…

kurkeik klein maddalena porto klein

costa smeralda tekening drawing mddalena drawing tekening Italie

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Drawing a Magnolia tree

April 18, 2013 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing, Watercolor by admin


mooie magnolia


The first weeks of spring were incredibly cold in Holland this year. As a result, nature got a little confused and all plants and trees flower much later than usual. My most favorite of all plants and tree’s; the magnolia, is still not in full bloom yet.

Last year the magnolia flowered in the third week of March! I tried to draw the tree then, but couldn’t get it on my paper. It was to tall and I was sitting to close. This year, the Magnolia is even bigger. I learned from last year, I will not even try to draw it completely.

tekening magnolia zen drawing

The branches of the magnolia have surprising shapes. The flowers are like jewels on a necklace. Every day, I see them open up a bit more.

Today, I also tried to paint a flower with watercolors.

magnolia drawing tekening klein






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Drawing in the ZOO

March 17, 2013 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

drawing in the zoo
You might have noticed that I love drawing animals. Maybe I should say: I love animals, so that’s why I love to draw them.
For animal lovers like me, the zoo can be a perfect place to draw: a lot of diversity and the animals are always close enough so you can see them very well. I actually don’t think that its really necessary to explain the benefits of drawing in a zoo.
Last december, I visited a very small and strange zoo in Holland, the Oliemeulen in Tilburg.
It’s more likely a reptile house, with al kinds of snakes, spiders, birds, frogs and turtles.  I took my sketchbook and had a great time. Reptiles are perfect models, because for most of the time they don’t move very fast.
The Oliemeulen also has a ‘two headed siamese snake’.

Although I have seen very special and exotic animals, I had my favorite moment while drawing an ‘ordinary’ turtle, that was slowly passing in front of me with some food in his mouth. Then, suddenly, he seemed to notice me and turned towards the window. He sat still for a while, turning it’s head as if he could see my drawing.

It was so much more than drawing an animal. I was meeting the animal, feeling connected to it. When I think about him it feels like remembering a good friend…
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A zen drawing Etsyshop

February 27, 2013 in Blog bericht, NEWS, pencil drawing, Watercolor by admin

gebera klein

This week I opened a new Etsyshop with my Zen drawings. You can find original drawings and reproductions.
And of course my Dutch book about Zen drawing. The shop is attached to this website, you can find it in the menu (shop)!

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Father and…

February 19, 2013 in Blog bericht, Inspiring artist, pencil drawing by admin

Father and

Last weekend, I drew at Scheveningen beach. There was no wind, and the sea was calm. While drawing, a father and son appeared. I only drew the son.


scheveningen 2 kleiin


Than my uncle told me, the drawing reminded him of the film ‘Father and daughter’ by Michael Dudok de Wit. I had never really seen the film until now.

Here it is, very pretty:

I now see the coincidence with not drawing the father in Scheveningen…

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Drawing reflex: a kind of automatic drawing

February 18, 2013 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, pencil drawing by admin

contour tekening eenddrawing reflex
The most amazing thing about Zen drawing, is that if you just step aside and let your drawing reflex take over, it feels like your hand is able to draw by itself. What in fact 
has happened is what the Buddhists call "the awakening of your inner artist" and you will discover that if you give room to your inner artist, this way of drawing is easy
 and above all, fun! 

But it must be said: for most people stepping aside is not as easy as it sounds! So what does it mean: stepping aside? It means that you try to minimize the influence of 
your personality (or ego) and control mechanism in the drawing process. For it is your personality that is responsible for criticizing and controlling the result of your drawing 
and this personality is not satisfied until it sees a certain quality. For instance, you will notice, that when you start drawing by only using the reflex, your mind will slowly 
quiet down. That is the moment that a little voice inside your head starts talking to you... 'this can't be right, you must be doing something wrong, go on... have a look!' 
Don't worry, let it talk, just stay with your inner artist and continue to draw, because this is just your personality getting nervous and wanting to interfere. 

Sadly, this inner chatter also negatively influences the drawing result. Somehow your hand gets confused by that conflict of letting go and regaining control and this can be 
clearly seen on paper. As a result each Zen drawing is a reflection of the stillness of your mind, your inner focus and your concentration. But don't worry if your personality 
keeps interfering. It is a proces and you have to give it some time!

Here is some advice to help you find your drawing reflex and reduce the influence of your inner chatter:

- relax, tell yourself to be quiet.

- draw complex and irrational shapes, usually found in nature.

- tell yourself not to focus on the result: whatever happens, is ok 

- pay attention to your  subject. Try not to interpret what you see and focus on the way it looks.

- If you experience difficulties in relaxing, try fysical exercises, like grounding and/ or relaxe breathing before you start drawing.

Hopefully this will help you on your way!
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Challenge drawings

February 14, 2013 in Blog bericht, challenge, pencil drawing by admin


Recent drawings I made because of the challenge:

vrouwenweg klein

Lemoni slaapt klein

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A new website!

February 12, 2013 in Blog bericht by admin

UK flag


The drawing challenge stimulated me to built a new website with information and a community.

Creating a WordPress site was on my ‘to-do-list’ for a long time. In de near future I will transfer the content from to this new blog.

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January 23, 2013 in Blog bericht, challenge, pencil drawing by admin




Holger Wendt has come up with a lovely challenge that I would like to share with you. He created a facebookpage, an open event, that you can join. If you don’t have a facebook account, no problem! You can share your experience on the forum!

Here is the challenge:

Seeing-drawing at least 15 minutes every day for a month.

Start: February 1st, 2013 – Finish: March 1st, 2013

Purpose. To get into the practice of zen drawing, to rediscover it all over again, to become more present in life and to make a powerful reconnection with nature.

Rules: One has the intention to do this every day. If one misses there is no blame. If one succeeds to draw 6 days in a row, one are rewarded (by one self) to draw at least one hour another day.

If one likes, one can publish drawings here every day, or less often. And if one wants to wait publishing:

The 1st of March we publish together comments and one or a few of our drawings here, as a collective and concerted expression of this project. What it might lead to next is a mystery for now..

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Drawing a Dutch landscape

January 13, 2013 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

Dutch landscape

Every now and than when it is nice weather and I have some spare time, I get on my bike for a ride around the countryside. Because just minutes around the corner from where I live, you can find yourself in a typical Dutch landscape, named a ‘polder’. As you may or may not know Holland is extremely flat, and these flatlands are called ‘polders’ in Dutch.
Although I miss having mountains on my doorstep, I really love these ‘flatlands’ and always bring my sketchbook, for I never know what I might find.


This scenery is near Leiden in Zoeterwoude Dorp. Absolutely a perfect spot to draw!



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O Christmas tree

December 19, 2012 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

christmas tree drawingChristmas tree

Here it is, our little Christmas tree. This is already the third year that it’s celebrating Christmas in our home. It has a corner in our garden where it stands all year. I didn’t expect it to survive, but it does and it is growing a few inches every year. Because it is standing in a corner, the shape of the tree gets a little weirder every year. But we don’t care, we love the tree anyway. My daughter gave it a name: O Denneboom. It’s Dutch for ‘O Christmas tree’. I can’t think of better name myself.

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Drawing the wintergarden

December 7, 2012 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin


This is me, drawing the garden. Today was the first day with snow in the Netherlands.


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Trevor Ledford about drawing meditation

December 5, 2012 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, Inspiring artist by admin



Last week I found the blog and drawings of Trevor Ledford on the Internet. Trevor wrote me about himself and his drawings. I’m happy to share his story and experiences here with you.

“Several years ago, while I was still in art school, I was taking lots of drawing classes. Over time I noticed that a very unintentional phenomenon was happening inside of me as I drew in these classes. As I became focused on the model or the subject we were drawing on any given day, and settled into a drawing session, my mind and heart were cleared of all stress. I felt deep connections with whatever I was drawing. The classes became silent after the first few minutes as people started to draw. After classes were over each day I noticed I always felt refreshed and had a great sense of clarity.

I began looking into the effects of drawing and the mind. Around this time was when I found Frederick Frank’s book, “The Zen of Seeing”. It opened my eyes to a brand new way to use my drawing experiences. I began focusing on the process more. As a result, my finished drawings actually improved without any other additional effort. I also began reading about other process-oriented artists. Chogyam Trungpa also really resonated with me.”

Trevor uses several ways of drawing for his meditations, like realistic drawing and Mandala drawing.

trevor ledford mandala-2

He tells about his realistic drawings:

“When you look at the drawings they just look like really well-rendered drawings with close attention to details. In other words, you would never know they were meditations just by looking at the finished drawings. It’s the whole seeing/drawing thing that Frederick Frank talks about in his books. There really is no distinction. I think anyone who draws with quiet focus for extended amounts of time falls into a meditative state whether they intend to or not. As for knowing others that intentionally use the techniques, I do know a few individuals that do this, but not many. Most artists I know use their art primarily for other purposes. I am also a Buddhist, therefore, I think I make the connection quite naturally as a result of my more traditional meditations.

Zen drawing/seeing is something everyone can benefit from whether they are trained artists or not. The beauty of it is that you don’t need a lot of equipment (just pen and paper, or even dirt and a stick). You don’t need specialized training. Once you know the basic process, it’s very easy to just begin and reap the benefits.”

Trevor lives in Chattanooga, U.S.

He has a blog about meditative drawing:

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Drawing leaves

November 23, 2012 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

drawing leaves


It’s autumn in Holland. I have seen so many beautiful colored leaves on the trees. The last weeks many fell on the ground and now I mainly see bold branches.

Leaves are always great fun to draw. I found many different shapes and brought them home. I will post some beautiful October autumn pictures and some of my drawings.





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The Zen drawing story of Holger Wendt

October 30, 2012 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, Inspiring artist by admin



Holger was already into meditative drawing when he was a teenager in the 70’s. It was in 1983 when he read the book “The zen of seeing, seeing/drawing as meditation” by Frederick Franck that he realized he was already ‘Zen drawing’. The work of Franck opened Holger’s eyes to a different purpose of seeing and drawing and it gave him more freedom to practice drawing. Frederick Franck is still his most important influence when it comes to drawing.



In the winter of 1988, Holger Wendt was in New York for business and he brought his Frederick Franck’s book with him. It was pure coincidence that Holger’s eye fell on a address mentioned in the book. Warwick NY it said. Before he knew it, he was looking up the telephone number and dialled the number. It was Franck himself who answered the phone and he was so delighted to speak with Holger, that they arranged to meet.


Holger met Frederick Franck three times after that and he joined one of his workshops at ‘Pacem in Terris’. Here he drew these portraits of Frederick Franck, ain’t they beautiful!

Besides Zen drawing, Holger practiced zazen (sitting meditation) a short period in his life. He also practiced Taiji, Aikido and Qigong as a form of physical meditation.

Holger works as a Traditional Chinese Medicine-acupuncture practitioner. In the past years he also taught many people his ‘zen drawing’ method. He says about his teaching:


“To teach zen drawing requires a feminine side of me, a sensitivity and perceptiveness to what is wanted and needed for the student. I guess it’s the same kind of perceptiveness I use, when I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine with my patients. I need to see where they are stuck and provide something that can move them further on their way to wholeness and harmony.”


To Holger, Zen drawing is a way for harmonising with the universe, to fall in love with it all over again. Zen-drawing is a guide to perceive what “is”, a door to the present, to the moment of now. He explains:

After practicing Zen drawing, the eye-heart connection stays open for a while, or forever, occasionally clouded by the mind. An example of this is given by an Italian young woman who practiced zen drawing with me for a day in Sweden. The day after she returned to Italy, and she sent me a text message, saying:

”I could see with my new eyes and it was simply fantastic! I’ve been exclaiming all the time, “WOW, è bellissima!””

After this beautiful remark there’s not much left to say about Holger and Zen drawing. One thing: take a look at his Blog about zen drawing.


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Zen drawing and the work of Betty Edwards

October 5, 2012 in Blog bericht, Inspiring artist, Post on Psychology and science by admin

Betty Edwards
Betty Edwards taught the world how to draw. It’s good to see that her work still gets a lot of attention. If you ask me, her method should be taught to all teenage children, just like mathematics.
Likewise, it’s time to spread the word about zen drawing too! This drawingmethod enables you to draw without rational knowledge, when you are experiencing a relax state of mind. The drawing happens by itself as you use your drawing reflex. It’s great fun, increases your concentration level and your awareness.
In my Dutch zen drawing book I refer a lot to the work of Edwards. I was pleased to find this video on youtube and to see her demonstrating the practices herself. You could look at the video if you have the time, it’s very interesting. And remember that you don’t need any viewfinder with the zen drawing method. Great isn’t it?



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Mindful drawing

April 2, 2012 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, pencil drawing by admin

Mindfulness has become very popular in the West over the last few years. Lot’s of people discovered the benefits of keeping their attention in the moment and to practice a tolerant attitude towards everything that happened in their lives. Sitting in meditation however, trying to get a still mind by thinking about ‘nothing’ is very difficult for some people. Simply because doing ‘nothing’ is something we just do not do in the West. For those people who have difficulty quieting their minds, Zen drawing might be a better way of practicing meditation. It’s meditation in action, which means you can be active while reaching a meditative state. Instead of ‘doing nothing’ you will focus on a subject you wish to draw. By looking at it in great detail, your concentration will improve and you might feel committed to your subject as well. It is like a positive spiral: drawing increases your concentration and by concentrating more, your drawing skills will improves.
Realistic Zen drawing can be the perfect practice to become more loving towards your environment as well. If you see how things really are, you will be amazed by the beauty and complexity of all things. That’s why I think that Zen drawing might be the easiest and most pleasant way of becoming Mindful. If sitting in meditation ‘isn’t your thing’, try this for a change!
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Drawing a Pussywillow

March 27, 2012 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

There’s a ‘pussywillow’ in my garden. This is the popular name for the Salix caprea Pendula. This past two weeks, the days were getting warmer and so it started to grow hairy flowers. After a few days, yellow anthers appeared and attracked lots of bee’s, so whole of last week I have been looking at all those different kinds of bees coming and going.


Now the bees have taken almost all the pollen, the ‘catflowers’ have become softer and less brighter yellow. The perfect models for Zen drawing.

Wow, only the end of March and the first blossom is already appearing in my garden. There will be a lot to see and draw. I think I can safely say:

Here in Holland the Zen drawing season has started!

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Drawing the work of Saul Leiter

January 31, 2012 in Blog bericht, Inspiring artist, pencil drawing by admin

Saul Leiter
At this moment (januari 2012), the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam is holding an exhibition of the artistic work of Saul Leiter. I had never heard of him before, but friends recommended me to go and have a look. So I visited the museum last saturday for the first time.
I took my drawing-book with me to Amsterdam, but I had not expected his work to be so suitable for blind contour-drawing. Especially the pictures of gentlemen in fifties outfits, wearing beautiful hats where perfect…..! Saul Leiter himself seemed to be quite ‘Zen’ to. He did not like the ego elements of the art business  and instead saw creating as a way of life.
If you know his work, maybe you will recognize some of his pictures in these drawings:




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Relaxation excersise: drawing circles

January 18, 2012 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, pencil drawing by admin


Before I start drawing I begin with drawing spirals and circles. I found out this improves my concentration and focus. It's the perfect excercise 
for me when I want to get rid of tension and unwanted thoughts. In just a few minutes I become more relaxed. It's a perfect way to open my mind.

The only thing I have to do is to draw circles and spirals without thinking or influencing the result. I just let it happen and I try not to interrupt 
the drawingprocess. I try to continue drawing circles until I feel a little dreamy, as if I am balancing between normal consciousness and a daydream. 
This  exercise has proven to  be useful in all kinds of situations. I also do this when I am feeling anxious or nervous. It helps me enormously, 
so why don't you give it a try and see if it works for you too!
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Drawing people

November 29, 2011 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

Drawing people

Last week a friend of mine graduated at the University of Leiden. Her thesis was about "A cultural analysis of older middle-class 
people's social Lives in Kerala, India". My friend did a great job and I never saw a PhD student in such a relaxed state of mind 
when defending their research!

While I'm listening, I also love to draw and this ceremony proved to be the perfect place to draw people, mostly because people 
tend not to move a lot on these occasions!

Here are some of the drawings (and a quote, that I loved so much I had to write it down):

“Do things for others and not for yourself”
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