Dutch e-book available online

November 8, 2016 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

kaft-boek21-beeldschermAlthough you probably don’t speak Dutch, I still want to announce the new version of ‘het Zen tekenboek’. Recently it has been uploaded in most digital e-book stores worldwide. It’s my intention to translate the book in English, because as I see it, this book tells the most complete and updated story about zen drawing.  Focussing on science, Buddhism, psychology, healthcare and of course the fun of drawing, make this book a musthave if you are into drawing.

The latest version also tells my personal story about drawing with my father after his stroke. He is still drawing a lot en he enjoys himself very much.

Soon I hope to tell you more about the fysical book and translation in English. Meanwhile find my other books in English here on my Buddhas at Home publishers website.

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Digital watercolor illustrations

March 25, 2015 in Blog bericht, NEWS, Watercolor by Michelle Dujardin

sets backery

This year started with quite some discussions about the new EU VAT rules concerning selling digital items in the EU. I was just at the point of starting to sell digital illustrations of my work, when I discovered that this would make my VAT administration incredibly complex. Selling my products from Holland to the rest of the world would mean that as of the 1st of January 2015, I had to pay VAT tax in all the countries of the EU for my customers instead of only in Holland. Luckily Etsy solved this problem for all it’s European based sellers like me in February and since then I started to offer digital items in my shops.

sets fruit

This is how it works:

You purchase a digital poster size 8″ x 10″/ A4 (section ‘printable poster’) in my shop. You will receive a download link so you are able to download the images directly to your computer and print them on your own printer(s). You can of course also have them printed in your local print shop on high quality paper if you want. I also offer PING images with transparent backgrounds as ‘clipart’ (=a set of images about 5″ x 7″ and smaller), so you can design your own personal invitations, posters etc. Please be aware that these images are for non commercial use only.

I f you have plans for commercial use, please contact me to discuss terms and conditions. You can find my clipart images here in my shop. I will upload more sets in the near future. If you have any special requests or want to use my prints commercially, please contact me.

sets groente

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Zen drawing on a Buddha board

February 5, 2015 in Blog bericht, NEWS, Watercolor by Michelle Dujardin

I had never heard of it before until I got a  Buddha board as a present from my uncle. It was very nicely packed in a box together with a tiny pencil. I was attracted to it strait away even I had no idea how it worked.

buddha board

Funnily enough it had been lying next to my book about Zen drawing in a Dutch museum shop! I understand why; the board is perfect for using in a zen drawing practice. You paint with water, and as it dries up, the result disappears.  Depending on the temperature and amount of water you use, this happens in several minutes, sometimes already before you finished your drawing. It forces you to paint quickly and be relaxed about ‘failures’ and mistakes.

buddha board (2)buddha board 2

Now you would say this board is perfect for children too. The thing is however that the board is quite vulnerable, and within a few minutes of exposure to my daugther and friends it had suffered severely from well meant experimental try outs like painting with real watercolor and using tons of water. The white coating doesn’t like both, and as you can see there are already permanent stains and ‘bubbles’ like this:

board buddha

I think this should be improved as kids love to use it. Here is a piece of art by Leah 8 years old:

drawing boardchildren drawing

The Buddha board is available in several colors and the color of the box will be the color of your art. I prefer black. It looks just like an Asian piece of art on rice paper. Speaking of which; I have just opened a new shop on Etsy with Black ink/ watercolors by the name Zen Inks.

tiger zen painting


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The Pack has been published worldwide today!

October 7, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

zen drawing pack cover

This week, it was exactly one year ago that Willem Radder and me rented an office to have our first brainstorm session for the American book about Zen drawing. We had already been talking about it a lot and when we got a request from a US publisher we were ready to start. In one afternoon we wrote down the outline of ‘The Zen drawing Pack’ that has officially been published today!

zen drawing ebook pressbooks

Yesterday Willem and I officially released the Zen drawing Ebook; the exact same version as the Pack. In the afternoon I went out of the house for just 20 minutes to get my groceries and an apple pie. When I got home, I saw the UPS truck standing still right in front of my house. I got so exited; the book had arrived!! Of course you can imagine that the pie was being served immediate for this unexpected party.

Here are some pictures of the lovely beautiful pack! You can order it in most bookstores in the USA and UK. If  you prefer reading an ebook, you can get a free download of the preview of ‘The Zen drawing Ebook’ here.

binnenkant zen drawing pack

inside the book and journalbook and journal

If you are interested in my Zen drawing newsletter, please click on the following image:

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Mindful book available; download preview here!

August 16, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

Zen drawingmindful 200I am so happy to officially announce ‘Zen drawing – a new way to become Mindful’! This ‘twin’ of the book ‘Zen drawing – a new way to become an artist’ focuses on how to use Zen drawing as a meditation technique. This  technique has many benefits, from being an easy and fun way to learn how to draw to a very effect way to quiet your mind and become more aware of yourself and your surrounding.

This eBook focuses mainly on the Zen and meditative aspects of Zen drawing.

Find a EPUB preview of the Mindful ebook here:

And an PDF preview of the Mindful eBook here:

The eBook is available as a download on Amazon, in the Ibookstore, on Nook, Kobo and Google plus.

Feel free to download the EPUB preview of the artist book here too:

Or the PDF preview of the artist book:

If you have any more questions about Zen drawing or the contents of the books, feel free to contact me: info@michelledujardin.nl


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My eBook now in Apple’s Ibookstore; download preview here

August 3, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

 iphone ibook zen drawing

It took slightly longer than expected, but the eBook ‘Zen drawing- a new way to become an artist’ is now available as an Apple iBook. During the writing process I was revising it in iBooks and  I fell  in love with the small version of the book on my iPhone.

Unfortunately since there are more than 51 iBookstores worldwide, I can’t place direct links to the book. So if you would love to bring the book with you on your holiday on your IPhone or iPad, just visit your ‘local’ Apple iBookstore and search for the keyword ‘zen drawing’. The book will then appear.

If you like to have a preview of the book, just download the ePub file below which can be opened with your iPad and iPhone.

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EBook now available on Android and Windows Pc’s!

August 1, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

Google play

Zen drawing- a new way to become an artist is now available in the Google Play store. This means that you can now read my eBook in any of the browsers available (Explore, Safari etcetera ).

What do you need to do?

For Smartphones and tablets
Install the Google Play Books-app for Android and iPad/iPhone.
This app will automatically sync between your android phone, apple I pad and a Windows PC. Assuming of course if you have these devices.

Just try it out by clicking on the link below and downloading the free sample of my book on Google Play.

You can find the book here.



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Zen drawing – a new way to become Mindful

July 11, 2014 in Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

Zen drawingmindful

Zen drawing – a new way to become Mindful

is an eBook based on the ” the Miracle of Zen drawing” (part of The Zen drawing Pack)

This book explains what Zen drawing is about and how you can do it yourself, even without any drawing- or meditation experience!

This eBook focuses on the Buddhism and meditation loving audience and teaches how you can silence your Mind and awaken your inner artist by using the drawing reflex.

Zen drawing is about seeing with the heart, about drawing effortless

and most important it brings (back) the fun of drawing!

This eBook is NOW available as PDF, EPUB, MOBI and IBook!

Download a Free EPUB preview here:

And a Free PDF preview here:

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Zen drawing – a new way to become an artist

June 25, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

Zen drawing artists 200

Zen drawing – a new way to become an artist

is an eBook based on the ” the Miracle of Zen drawing”  (part of The Zen drawing Pack)

This book explains what Zen drawing is about and how you can do it yourself, even without any drawing experience!

This eBook focuses on the art loving audience and teaches how you can use you drawing reflex and awaken your inner artist.

Zen drawing is about feeling connected to what you see, about drawing without any effort

and most important it brings (back) the fun of drawing!

DOWNLOAD  the free preview of the book here:

This eBook is available as (click to enter the stores):

PDF on Etsy

as EPUB on Nook and and KOBO

Mobi on Amazon

and in the Ibook store (comming soon)

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Zen drawing Pack (September 2014)

June 25, 2014 in Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

Zen drawingpack 200

The Zen Drawing Pack

Awaken your inner artist and find peace with The Zen Drawing Pack. Add soul to your sketches by ignoring conventional drawing techniques and focus on really seeing your subject. Artist Michelle Dujardin will help you achieve a meditative state just by changing the way you see a subject, and allow your hands to follow the movement of your eyes. When you trust your own drawing reflex, the art that you create will become more expressive and beautiful than what you’ve done before.

Not great with a pencil? Don’t worry, everyone can learn to draw this way and you don’t need any special talent or class. For any level of artist, from a beginner with little talent to an illustration expert, The Zen Drawing Pack is not about making perfect pictures, it is about the experience of drawing, finding inspiration, and connecting to the world around you.

The Zen drawing Pack will be available in September in many bookstore in the USA. You can (pre) order the Pack here on Amazon.

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Women in Art 278 magazine

November 3, 2013 in Blog bericht, NEWS, Watercolor by admin

Aquarel huilende wolf

This month (November 2013) my painting was included in the ‘Women in Art 278″ online magazine.

Click here to read the magazine.



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A zen drawing Etsyshop

February 27, 2013 in Blog bericht, NEWS, pencil drawing, Watercolor by admin

gebera klein

This week I opened a new Etsyshop with my Zen drawings. You can find original drawings and reproductions.
And of course my Dutch book about Zen drawing. The shop is attached to this website, you can find it in the menu (shop)!

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