Drawing a Pussywillow

March 27, 2012 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

There’s a ‘pussywillow’ in my garden. This is the popular name for the Salix caprea Pendula. This past two weeks, the days were getting warmer and so it started to grow¬†hairy flowers. After a few days, yellow anthers appeared and attracked lots of bee’s, so whole of last week I have been looking at all those different kinds of bees coming and going.


Now the bees have taken almost all the pollen, the ‘catflowers’ have become softer and less brighter yellow. The perfect models for Zen drawing.

Wow, only the end of March and the first blossom is already appearing in my garden. There will be a lot to see and draw. I think I can safely say:

Here in Holland the Zen drawing season has started!

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