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February 12, 2015 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by Michelle Dujardin

boom magnolia horizontaal KLEINOne of the most positive effects of Zen drawing for me, is that I am far more aware of the beauty of trees. Sometimes I suddenly look in awe at the shape of a tree and I feel the urge to draw or at least take a picture of it. Before I drew this way, I thought that drawing trees was difficult and boring because of all those branches and leaves. Now I can’t say that it’s easy to draw a tree, but I now find it lots of fun and very inspiring.

The image above  is of my neighbors Magnolia tree and its full of flower buds already. Can’t wait until they open. Magnolia trees are on my list of most favorite trees.

Now if you want to draw a tree, I have some tips for you and below you find a video I made for the eBook version of ‘the Zen drawing Pack’. Here you will see me drawing a willow tree in summertime.


* Have a good look at the tree and see what it’s characteristics are.

* Imagine how big you would like to draw your tree to on paper. Now this is important: walk away from the tree to find the right distance. I used to  make the mistake to stand to close to the tree. The result is that my drawing gets too big and I have to leave out top branches to adjust my drawing to the paper.

* Start by sketching the tree trunk and most important branches. This is the basic structure of the tree. You can then start to draw the rest of the tree.  Try to draw blind as much as possible.

* Depending on the kind of tree and the season, you now add smaller branches, leaves and buds. Draw blind! Don’t draw to precise, raise your speed and let go.

* If necessary you can add shadows to finish your drawing.


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