Drawing in the ZOO

drawing in the zoo
You might have noticed that I love drawing animals. Maybe I should say: I love animals, so that’s why I love to draw them.
For animal lovers like me, the zoo can be a perfect place to draw: a lot of diversity and the animals are always close enough so you can see them very well. I actually don’t think that its really necessary to explain the benefits of drawing in a zoo.
Last december, I visited a very small and strange zoo in Holland, the Oliemeulen in Tilburg.
It’s more likely a reptile house, with al kinds of snakes, spiders, birds, frogs and turtles.  I took my sketchbook and had a great time. Reptiles are perfect models, because for most of the time they don’t move very fast.
The Oliemeulen also has a ‘two headed siamese snake’.

Although I have seen very special and exotic animals, I had my favorite moment while drawing an ‘ordinary’ turtle, that was slowly passing in front of me with some food in his mouth. Then, suddenly, he seemed to notice me and turned towards the window. He sat still for a while, turning it’s head as if he could see my drawing.

It was so much more than drawing an animal. I was meeting the animal, feeling connected to it. When I think about him it feels like remembering a good friend…
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