Drawing Stitch in Disney Paris

August 27, 2015 in Blog bericht, Inspiring artist by Michelle Dujardin


This summer my aunt took me and my daughter to Disneyland Paris. It ‘s sort of a tradition, because my aunt took me there when I was just a few years older than my daughter is now.

We took the Thalys (train) from Rotterdam to Paris and stayed a few hours in the city centre. The last time I visited Paris I went there to draw for the Dutch book I wrote about Zen drawing. This time, with my daughter beside me, I didn’t have much time for drawing. Except for some moments when visiting Parc Luxembourg, one of my most favorite spots in Paris.

foto 1-3

foto 2-2 Palmtree and a small ship

I had never thought there would be any possibility for me to draw when visiting Euro Disney. But to my surprise there was a drawing class in the Walt Disney Studios Parc. Demonstrated on a big screen, pupils where asked to draw the face of monster Stitch step by step, showing how easy drawing really is.


disney tekenen klein

My daughter, drawing

lemoni stitch

This is my daughters drawing (age 7)


My result (age 36)

Because of a lack of time we had to skip the last part of the lesson, which gave me the opportunity to see what some other pupils (mainly adults) had been drawing. To my surprise some of them still had serious problems with following the instructions and drawing circles. Probably feeling insecure and little practice are the major causes that they hardly draw anymore.

My daughter complained that my drawings are always prettier than hers. I explained that I had been practicing about 20 years longer than she did which made her proud of herself again. If all children would be stimulated a bit more to practice throughout their lives, I am sure any drawing problem could be solved in a few years. And what would the world look like if we would all be able to make magical drawings and movies like Walt Disney did? If anyone showed the importance of drawing, fantasy and creating it was him! For that reason, Walt Disney is one of my heroes.

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