Drawing the work of Saul Leiter

January 31, 2012 in Blog bericht, Inspiring artist, pencil drawing by admin

Saul Leiter
At this moment (januari 2012), the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam is holding an exhibition of the artistic work of Saul Leiter. I had never heard of him before, but friends recommended me to go and have a look. So I visited the museum last saturday for the first time.
I took my drawing-book with me to Amsterdam, but I had not expected his work to be so suitable for blind contour-drawing. Especially the pictures of gentlemen in fifties outfits, wearing beautiful hats where perfect…..! Saul Leiter himself seemed to be quite ‘Zen’ to. He did not like the ego elements of the art business¬† and instead saw creating as a way of life.
If you know his work, maybe you will recognize some of his pictures in these drawings:




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