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January 7, 2015 in Blog bericht, Inspiring artist, pencil drawing, Watercolor by Michelle Dujardin


In December I visited the ‘Mauritshuis’ – Museum with old Dutch masters and took my sketchbook with me. I came across one of the most famous paintings ever: “Girl with a Pearl Earring. Now the latest news is: she isn’t wearing a pearl, they weren’t available those days. My conclusion after a concentrated look: it could also be a peace of metal, perhaps silver as well. Of course I couldn’t resist to make my own version!


michelle dujardin vermeer meisje

The result:

vermeer meisje girl pearl zen drawing

I am lucky to live only 30 minutes from this Museum full of historic art treasuries. There is a lot to learn from these old masters. It was a great relief to find they to struggled with proportions now and then. I sure hope this artist could laugh a bit about the result.  It would make him a real (Zen) master. Just cover the bottom half of the face of this child with your finger and she gets younger instantly.

schilderij kind

Another beauty and famous too: Fabritius goldfinch. Goldfinches have a nickname in the Netherlands; Puttertjes. Referring to the days people kept them for fun and let them get water in tiny buckets. You can see the chain on the birds paw. I felt a bit sad for this beautiful small bird.

puttertje fabritiusMy quick sketch:

Carel fabritius puttertje

Once you have seen something properly you will notice it everywhere:

puttertje donna tart

I always wanted to paint a Goldfinch and the Museum visit encouraged me to draw one. Unfortunately no real life model for me, I had to search the internet for images.

puttertje aqaurel

Last but not least I drew a very quick sketch of one of Karel Dujardin’s paintings. I don’t know if he is my ancestor. I love to believe it, but apparently¬† he died childless by drowning in Venice! Speaking of Venice… my next topic will continue on this subject.

For now, best wishes for 2015. Wish you lots of beautiful and exiting drawing moments!


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