My eBook now in Apple’s Ibookstore; download preview here

August 3, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

 iphone ibook zen drawing

It took slightly longer than expected, but the eBook ‘Zen drawing- a new way to become an artist’ is now available as an Apple iBook. During the writing process I was revising it in iBooks and  I fell  in love with the small version of the book on my iPhone.

Unfortunately since there are more than 51 iBookstores worldwide, I can’t place direct links to the book. So if you would love to bring the book with you on your holiday on your IPhone or iPad, just visit your ‘local’ Apple iBookstore and search for the keyword ‘zen drawing’. The book will then appear.

If you like to have a preview of the book, just download the ePub file below which can be opened with your iPad and iPhone.

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