bloem paarse bol

Just a while ago, I read Ineke van Lint’s article ‘Why do we hurt most those we love and how to stop this?’

Ineke answers this question on the level of energy and explains how we are used to taking energy from others. You can read the article here and you will probably recognize something.

The reason I would like to share her article here, is because of the solution she offers to this problem. Instead of taking our energy from others, we should connect with the universal energysource. She writes:

“How to do that? By connecting to the energy that is always available. That is the energy of the Universe. The easiest way to connect to this energy is contemplate the beauty of a flower. You also can contemplate the beauty of an object or a person.”

It shows again the importance of (zen) seeing and drawing and how this is a perfect way to connect with this universal energy source! Here advice sits very well with the September drawing challenge to draw a face every day.

On Ineke van Lint’s website you will find lots of interesting articles and books she wrote about various subjects.

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