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With Valentine’s day around the corner seems to be the perfect moment to fall in love again. Like Frederick Franck fell in love with everything he saw, I just fell in love with a book of him called ‘Seeing Venice – An Eye in Love’. This beautifully illustrated book shows Venice in a way I didn’t see it myself, in many ways. Take a good look at the cover and perhaps you will see what I didn’t sadly enough..

Could there be a more romantic place to go to than Venice? I visited Venice once and I can’t say that I found it really that romantic.  I was 19 and it was in the middle of summer. I remember mainly tourists, tourists and tourists. But I also remember that special atmosphere of the water around Venice. It was this specific smell and light that I will never forget. So did I fall in love with Venice? A bit, but I never sketched there when I had the time. Seeing Franck’s book, I do regret that.

Maybe I should visit Venice another time when its off season. Franck writes that a special atmosphere can be found when the great amounts of tourists have left again. I can imagine that. Will Valentine’s day be off season? I am not sure and can imagine dozens of couples coming to Venice on February 14th. But is that a problem? I don’t think so, because this is actually my most favorite drawing in the book. I love the expression on the face of that lady:


And as he expressed so beautifully, love is ageless

franck venice


Inspired by all these couples in love and those beautiful spots in Venice, I keep on dreaming of traveling to romantic places like Venice and meanwhile I enjoy painting all kinds of quite animal couples in ‘love’.

zwanen konijnen 2 parkieten


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