Mindful book available; download preview here!

Zen drawingmindful 200I am so happy to officially announce ‘Zen drawing – a new way to become Mindful’! This ‘twin’ of the book ‘Zen drawing – a new way to become an artist’ focuses on how to use Zen drawing as a meditation technique. ThisĀ  technique has many benefits, from being an easy and fun way to learn how to draw to a very effect way to quiet your mind and become more aware of yourself and your surrounding.

This eBook focuses mainly on the Zen and meditative aspects of Zen drawing.

Find a EPUB preview of the Mindful ebook here:

And an PDF preview of the Mindful eBook here:

The eBook is available as a download on Amazon, in the Ibookstore, on Nook, Kobo and Google plus.

Feel free to download the EPUB preview of the artist book here too:

Or the PDF preview of the artist book:

If you have any more questions about Zen drawing or the contents of the books, feel free to contact me: info@michelledujardin.nl


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