Mindful drawing

April 2, 2012 in Blog bericht, Buddhism, pencil drawing by admin

Mindfulness has become very popular in the West over the last few years. Lot’s of people discovered the benefits of keeping their attention in the moment and to practice a tolerant attitude towards everything that happened in their lives. Sitting in meditation however, trying to get a still mind by thinking about ‘nothing’ is very difficult for some people. Simply because doing ‘nothing’ is something we just do not do in the West. For those people who have difficulty quieting their minds, Zen drawing might be a better way of practicing meditation. It’s meditation in action, which means you can be active while reaching a meditative state. Instead of ‘doing nothing’ you will focus on a subject you wish to draw. By looking at it in great detail, your concentration will improve and you might feel committed to your subject as well. It is like a positive spiral: drawing increases your concentration and by concentrating more, your drawing skills will improves.
Realistic Zen drawing can be the perfect practice to become more loving towards your environment as well. If you see how things really are, you will be amazed by the beauty and complexity of all things. That’s why I think that Zen drawing might be the easiest and most pleasant way of becoming Mindful. If sitting in meditation ‘isn’t your thing’, try this for a change!
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