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Just a while ago I received a Facebook message with some beautiful illustrations. I was asked if I knew the artist, because of the resemblance with my work. I had never heard of the Czech artist Mirko Hanak before. After a bit of research on the Internet I found that sadly he passed away at a young age in the early ’70′s. Hanak was inspired by Chinese and Japanese painting techniques and like me, he used watercolor and ink together. But the thing we have in common the most, is our love for animals. I found many LOVELY images of his work on the Internet and I regard the comparison as a great compliment!

On the Internet I also found two books with illustrations of Hanak. It’s a series called ‘Animals we Love’, published in 1972, just after he died. Only two (brand new) pieces were available on Amazon.com. I just had to buy them…

The good news was that some of my family-members had planned a visit to the USA and were willing to take the books with them when they returned. That’s how I got the books to the Netherlands and it had cost me almost nothing. Hurray!
Two weeks ago I finally got the books. They are beautiful! Despite some yellow edges on some of the pages it is hard to see that these books have been waiting for me for more than 40 years. Amazing isn’t it? Two elegant books, quite thin but filled with beautiful illustrations by Hanak. Some of my favorites can be found below, and I compared them to my own work just for fun. Hope you love it as much as I do.



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