“Please sit still!!”

November 17, 2011 in Blog bericht, pencil drawing by admin

sit still
Most difficult, in realistic Zen drawing, may be a moving model. If you want to draw the outline of anything that changes in shape, you have to be quick and extremely alert. I guess if you practice a lot, more than a lot, it will get better.
I love drawing animals, but unfortunately, most of them are not used to modeling that much. Drawing a flying bird or a swimming fish feels like running against time. This may not sound ‘Zen’, but it can be a perfect excercise to surrender to the moment and forget about the result of your drawing.
Last weekend I did find a creature in my garden, that did exactly what I ask it to do: it sat still. If you ever need the perfect model, good looking, elegant and subtile, this may be what your looking for:
Seeing the beauty of a spider might even cure you from aragnofobia!
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