The Pack has been published worldwide today!

October 7, 2014 in Blog bericht, Book posts, NEWS by Michelle Dujardin

zen drawing pack cover

This week, it was exactly one year ago that Willem Radder and me rented an office to have our first brainstorm session for the American book about Zen drawing. We had already been talking about it a lot and when we got a request from a US publisher we were ready to start. In one afternoon we wrote down the outline of ‘The Zen drawing Pack’ that has officially been published today!

zen drawing ebook pressbooks

Yesterday Willem and I officially released the Zen drawing Ebook; the exact same version as the Pack. In the afternoon I went out of the house for just 20 minutes to get my groceries and an apple pie. When I got home, I saw the UPS truck standing still right in front of my house. I got so exited; the book had arrived!! Of course you can imagine that the pie was being served immediate for this unexpected party.

Here are some pictures of the lovely beautiful pack! You can order it in most bookstores in the USA and UK. If  you prefer reading an ebook, you can get a free download of the preview of ‘The Zen drawing Ebook’ here.

binnenkant zen drawing pack

inside the book and journalbook and journal

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