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Zen drawing is the easiest way to learn how to draw and meditate by using your drawing reflex.
Your hands are already able to draw what your eyes see, even if you have no experience or talent!
For Buddhist and Mindfulness practitioners Zen drawing can also be used as meditation in action,
which means you can be active while reaching a meditative state.

By looking at something in great detail, your concentration will improve and you might feel amazed by what you see.

It is like a positive spiral: drawing increases your concentration and by concentrating more and seeing better, your drawing skills will improve.
Also Zen drawing offers you a ‘way’ of seeing that is needed to draw instantly. You have to know what to focus on and what to ignore. Zen drawing helps you with that.
That’s why I think that Zen drawing might be the easiest and most pleasant way of becoming Mindful. It sure is for me!

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