Zen drawing is the basis of my Artwork

tekening viooltjes aquarel

Zen drawing is the perfect way to meditate and I believe it’s the easiest and funniest way to learn how to draw.

The way of seeing and drawing has proven to be the perfect basis for all kinds of Art.

Especially for working with watercolors and ink.

I use simple outline drawings for thisĀ  fluid work. The pencil lines are very delicate and do not disturb the finished painting.

It is also the way of seeing (Zen seeing) that changes the way you work.

I now focus complete on my subject and ignore the surroundings.

Below you will find some examples. More images can be found in my Etsy shop. I also sell beautiful high quality reproduction prints.

You can click on the images to find them in my shop.

tekening inkt aquarel waterverf zen neushoorn rhino ink

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