Zen drawing and watercolor painting in the Provence!

August 12, 2013 in Blog bericht, Watercolor by admin

zen alpilles bewerkt klein

Provence France


It is quite a cliche to be inspired by the South of France. Many famous artists have been there before me. But does it matter? In the Zen tradition, distinguishing yourself from others is not so important. Trying to perfect your practice is. So that is what I did the last weeks on holiday. I followed the footsteps of artists like van Gogh by drawing and painting the same landscape over and over again until I had the feeling that I caught it’s essence on paper.

lamanin schets

Zen drawings are the perfect base for a watercolor painting. The idea is not to fill in your drawing with paint, but to use your drawing as an example. Your drawing already contains the most important information. It reflects the essence of what you have seen. Later, for example at home, you have the drawing and your memories to translate it into a colorful watercolor painting.


lamanon grottes de cales klein

Drawing or painting in nature with watercolor is also lots of fun. You have to bring more materials and water. Just like zen drawing, the idea is to catch the essence on paper. Do not loose yourself in details too much. You have to draw fast too. When I did the painting below, it was at sunset. Because of the changing light, the scenery changed by the minute. Meanwhile I got attacked by a swarm of mosquito’s. I did my best to stay focused. The painting below and itchy arms and legs where the result…

alpilles berg

The first 5 watercolor paintings are on Etsy.  Some more a re still to come!


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